Rambles Series: 8 Elements of a Healthy Friendship

Rambles Season 1 Episode 3 (R1E3)

Having “healthy friendships” can be difficult after CSA, specifically from having our boundaries disrupted earlier in life. Some pointers from my perspective. 

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There’s hope in healing, and reclaiming your life. We are relentless.


  • 00:00 – 00:52   Introduction
  • 00:53 – 01:42   Overview
  • 01:41 – 18:20   Elements of a healthy friendship
    • 01:41 – 03:51  The joy, peace, and support in our lives
    • 03:52 – 05:06  Someone that we can trust
    • 05:07 – 08:43  Respect
    • 08:44 – 10:58  Honesty
    • 10:59 – 12:10  Active Listening (Mutual)
    • 12:11 – 14:33  Being willing to accept and forgive the shortcomings of others (not to be confused with keeping toxic friendships…that will be a conversation for later), or “Not expecting everyone to be perfect”
    • 14:34 – 15:23  Recap and Overview Take I…how this relates to the CSA survivor
    • 15:24 – 17:00  Bonus Element! — Being able to initiate as much as the other
    • 17:00 – 18:20  Bonus Element! — Not assuming
  • 18:20 – 19:38  Outro Take II

Other Notes:

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I know I’ve promised a second episode of the main series! Please have patience while I finish the edits for that one (my first interview material!).

I’m trying to navigate how to make sure that the volume sounds the same from one episode to another. Please leave your thoughts about this! Still trying to figure it out.

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