Rambles Series: Dealing with Uncertainty

Rambles Season 1 Episode 4 (R1E4)

How to deal with uncertainty in a systematic way.


  • 00:00 – 00:46   Introduction
  • 00:47 – 01:06   Overview
  • 01:07 – 02:35   Elements of a healthy friendship
  • 02:36 – 03: 40  Where are the “pain points” in your life, the things you absolutely want to change
  • 03:41 – 03:52  Separating each “pain point” into two categories: 1) Things I can change now, 2) Things I will change later
  • 03:53 – 04:25  Creating time-based tangible goals under the category “Things I can change now”
    • Create a overarching “long term” goals
    • Create smaller, “short term” goals under the long term goals
  • 04:26 – 06:03  Reaching those goals, and falling short from them; Taking each goal one small bite at a time
  • 06:04 – 07:28  Takeaways (Overview)
    1. Find what the “Pain Points” are in your life
    2. Separate them into (2) categories:
      • 1) Things you can change now
      • 2) Things you will change later
    3. Create tangible goals
      • Long Term
        • Sub-Goals for Long Term Goals
      • Short Term
        • Sub-Goals for Short Term Goals
    4. Repeat this cycle every season (every three months)
  • 07:29 – 08:50  Application to today’s pandemic

Other Notes:

Is there anything else you’d want to hear about? Help me make this the best for you, and leave an honest comment.

I’ve recently discovered, and have been informed by a trusted friend that the sound levels are inconsistent from one mode of listening to another. Rest assured, I have asked for assistance in this department (the quarantine office partner without the fur, haha). 

I am dedicated to responding to feedback and giving you the best product I possibly can, and it has so far been a great learning journey.

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