Sunday, February 05, 2023

About Joanna

Cheesy living room selfie.

Hello! My name is Joanna—wanderer, foodie, singer, planner, dreamer, achiever.

While I have been a survivor of child sexual assault (CSA) for 14 to 15 years now, I consider myself as Joanna first and a survivor second.  While surviving was all I knew how to do for seven to eight years after-the-fact, my life has evolved into something different.  Life became more than just surviving—it became about enjoying and reaping the most out of life.

As many successful CSA survivors can tell you, healing is an onerous journey that takes a great amount of courage, strength, persistence, and patience. 

I decided to create a lifestyle blog, separate from my podcast blog, that’s more focused on what I’m working on, and many other things: traveling, eating, school, and career.

There are countless of other relentless CSA survivors, and I’m hoping that by sharing my story and my life, others will gain the courage to do so too. ♥

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