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I now understand why companies and small business owners hire a person or team to manage social platforms for them…phew! It’s A LOT of work. But all completely worth it. If the goal of The Relentless Project is to reach as many survivors as possible, why not use what we have available to us via the interwebs?

I now have The Relentless Project connected via the following social media platforms:

  1. Facebook Page:
  2. Facebook Group/Community:
  3. Instagram:
  4. Twitter:

How exciting! The Facebook Page and Community are very fresh. I envision the Facebook Community being the platform for other survivors to share their art, music, poetry, words with each other as a means to connect and understand this very unique, odd, and extraordinary life we all lead. Helping each other to take one day at a time, learning how to smell the roses and cope with our own thorns.

Let me know what you think! Connect to The Relentless Project.

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